M3 Summit: H2Flow
December 8-10, 2022
Placencia, Belize




The Maverick M3 Summit is a culmination of all things Maverick, combining our 3 core pillars of 'Growth, Impact and Fun.'

Experience a unique combination of invigorating conversations, rejuvenating experiences, opportunities to impact the local community and authentically build high-level connections that only occur outside typical business settings.

Theme: H2Flow

It creates and sustains life.
We drink it.
We swim, bathe and play in it.
Our brains, planet and trees.. over 70% water.

Pretty much every ancient culture honors water as the center of life. Holy water, water deities, temples dedicated to water, water ceremonies… you name it. Wherever water flows, life seems to spring up within and around it.

And that is just the beginning…


Water can be one of our greatest allies and teachers.

Picture water’s many forms.

Are you feeling 'in flow' like water or rigid like ice?

Are things hot and bubbling or feeling stagnant and sludgy?

Whichever you most resonate with today, you can be sure that just as water changes and adapts constantly, so do we.

As Maverick entrepreneurs, we always prioritize growth, purpose, passion and play…in our businesses and beyond.

During our time together, we will learn and experience first hand how we can create a more reciprocal relationship with water in order to be better leaders, live healthier lives, feel more connected and be more mindful stewards of our planet.

Join us in Belize as we explore and experience the adaptable element of Water and all things being 'In Flow.'


10% of all Maverick1000 membership dues go into the One Thousand Suns Project, our 501(c) which is then used to co-create a significant ripple effect for our Cause Partners.

We are in the process of selecting our Cause Partner and looking at a few different projects in Belize. To date, we’ve raised over $3,000,000+ in charitable contributions, but we believe that even more powerful is the collective brain power, network, and entrepreneurial resources contributed.

This is what exponentially increases the impact we create for Cause Partners and the mission-driven startups we work with throughout the year.


We chose Belize for many reasons. The incredible water being the most obvious,
however a few more things on Belize…

Belize is a ‘poster child’ for a melting pot of cultures coming together. You will find a mix of influences and people from Kriol, Maya, East Indian, Garinagu, Mestizo (a mixture of Spanish and Native Americans), Mennonites who are of German descent, along with many other cultures from Chinese to Lebanese.

The country’s open-mindedness to various cultures has allowed these very different groups to come together and blend their traditions into one harmonious Belizean society.

Located in the most culturally and ecologically diverse area of the country, Placencia was once a quiet village of easy, temperate weather and the still of undisturbed tranquility. Now Placencia erupts with vigor—it comes to life in shades of blues and greens, in shared laughter and music, in amusement and joy.


Fringed by the wilderness of the untamed jungle, and refreshed by the lull of the Caribbean Sea, enjoy beachfront bliss to the fullest. This place holds an unpretentious charm set on the most alluring stretch of beach in Belize.

Kayak across the boundless blue, knock volleyballs back and forth under the gloriously golden sun, or bike down to the village and get swept up in the dynamism and vitality of a place brimming with excitement.


Bohemian Luxury With An Adventurous Spirit

We knew this was the place for us when we discovered that their logo depicts a sun, it's surrounded by water, they have an organic garden and they built their property around trees in order to preserve nature as much as possible.

From the moment you enter the elegant Great House, with its traditional British colonial architecture and bohemian feel, the resort's gathering place evokes the breeziness of the beach while being an ode to the past architecture in Belize.

Maverick Mayhem & Magic…Yes there “may” just be a little bit of fun and magic thrown into the mix….

At previous M3 Summits, Mavericks have had a slumber party in an authentic Mayan village, have been guests at Chris Blackwell’s private farm, integrated into an authentic Rasta village and helped provide clean drinking water to hundreds of families in Puerto Rico.

Here’s a look at one of our previous M3 Summit events...

As for the next M3 Summit... you’ll just have to wait to see what’s in store for you…






OPTIONAL EXTENSION: Want to extend your stay in Belize? You can choose to either stay put and enjoy a few days of doing “nothing” at the resort or perhaps move to one of their Jungle properties for a change of scenery! Let us know if you’re interested when you sign up and we will send you some information on both options!

IMPORTANT: Please RSVP ASAP as this will help us guarantee your accommodations and plan accordingly.

WHAT'S INCLUDED: Your Maverick M3 Summit experience will include 4-nights of accommodations, experiences, growth sessions, meals, snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, and a few cocktails here and there.

*Please note Airport Transfers are not included unless you fly into Placencia airport. We are happy to arrange for shared or private airport transfers from other airports but they will be at an additional cost.

1 Green Credit + Housing/Meal Supplement ($1750)
GUEST RSVP (Application)
Guest Fee: $6,495

Maverick1000 members are a global network of industry leading entrepreneurs and accomplished business leaders committed to our three core pillars of Growth, Impact and Fun. Members connect in bold new ways to challenge and collectively support each other’s growth, engage in reinvigorating experiences and co-create a worldwide multiplier impact. (You can learn more about the group at www.Maverick1000.com)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the travel dates:
A: Arrive on December 7, 2022
Depart on December 11, 2022
*Optional Extension - We are sure that some guests will decide to extend their stay in Belize. If you are interested in an extension at either the beach or in the Jungle - please let us know by emailing events@maverickdna.com

Q: What’s the closest airport?
A: The most common airport to fly into would be Belize City (BZE) which is a 25-minute flight or a 2.5- hour drive to Placencia. The airport in Placencia is (PLJ). Our team will work with our hotel to coordinate the local flight or airport transfer for you.

Q: What's Included?
A: Your event registration includes accommodations, Growth Sessions, experiences, meals, snacks, a few cocktails or wine with meals and all non-alcoholic beverages.

Q: What should I bring?
A: Don't worry, we will be sending you a Pre-Event Guide a few weeks before the trip with a detailed packing list!

Q: Can I come early? Extend my trip?
A: Just reach out to our team (events@maverickdna.com) with your specific request and we are happy to help!

Q: Can I invite another amazing entrepreneur? Spouse? Family?
A: Yes, yes and yes! If you would like to bring a guest - just let us know and we will share the various options. Please email events@maverickdna.com

Q: What are the accommodations like?
A: We are in the process of securing the perfect venue in Belize. Stay Tuned!