M3 Summit
The Blue Zone
January 7-9, 2021


Our goal within Maverick is to Instigate the Instigators, Catalyze the Catalysts and Connect the Connectors... all the while throwing a bit of Maverick mischief, magic and love into the mix.

The Maverick M3 Summit is a culmination of all things Maverick combining our 3 core pillars of ‘Growth, Impact and Fun’.

Experience a unique combination of invigorating conversations, rejuvenating experiences, opportunities to impact the local community and authentically build high-level connections that only occur outside typical business settings.


Only about 20% of how long the average person lives is dictated by our genes, whereas the other 80% is dictated by our lifestyle.

What began as a National Geographic expedition, lead by Dan Buettner, to uncover the secrets of longevity evolved into the discovery of the 5 places around the world where people consistently live over 100 years old, dubbed the Blue Zones.

Join us as we discover the secrets to Life in The Blue Zone and explore how together, as a community, we can co-create a longer, healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.


Costa Rica is a rugged, rainforested Central American country with coastlines on the Caribbean and Pacific. We will be spending four nights in Nosara, a village on the Nicoya Peninsula. Nosara is known as a yoga center, and for Pacific beaches like Playa Guiones, with its long surf break.

Not only is the property beautiful, but we’ve got lots in common...

A Step Beyond Sustainability

The incredible team here feels like it’s their duty to take sustainable practices one step further. They are a plastic free property and a portion of every reservation is donated to plant a tree through Costas Verdes.


A boutique hotel tucked within an idyllic oceanside jungle will be our home for the next 4-nights and is a destination to experience Costa Rica's bounty, to appreciate its pristine nature and to reconnect with the land. We invite you to discover its purity and magic. The property sits nestled on the hilltop, offering every room a stunning view of the mountains, forest valleys and beach.


“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” - Virginia Woolf

Food and mixology crafted with ingredients from the surrounding community, the real flavors of Costa Rica. We want you to taste the Earth and Ocean with every meal.

Nosara is a community recognized for its healthy lifestyles and culture of wellness. Located in a Blue Zone: a region of the world where people live longer than average, the coastal town is surrounded with hilltops and valleys that are perfect for growing a great variety of crops.

Drinks and meals are prepared with fresh products raised or caught by friends in the community. Not only are each of the meals delectable, but they’re locally-sourced, season-based, organic and grass fed – because that’s how food should be.

From soil and sea to the table, your meal was raised, crafted and presented with loving hands.

On-Site Amenities/Activities

The spa. The waterfall. The hiking. The yoga. The mountain biking.. The nature trails. You get the point...


Each year, Mavericks choose one of the U.N’s Global Goals as our key impact focus. 10% of all Maverick1000 membership dues go into our Impact Fund which is then used to co-create a significant ripple effect in alignment with that Goal. In 2018, we tackled Global Goal #14: Life Below Water. In 2019 and 2020, we chose Global Goal #17: Partnerships for the Goals.

To date, we’ve raised over $3,000,000+ in charitable contributions, but we believe that even more powerful is the collective brain power, network, and entrepreneurial resources contributed. These are what exponentially increase the impact we create for cause partners and the mission-driven startups we work with throughout the year!

We are excited to announce 2021’s Global Goal in Costa Rica and create ripples of impact!

Maverick Mayhem & Magic…Yes there “may” just be a little bit of fun and magic thrown into the mix….

At previous M3 Summits, Mavericks have had a slumber party in an authentic Mayan village, have been guests at Chris Blackwell’s private farm, integrated into an authentic Rasta village and helped provide clean drinking water to hundreds of families in Puerto Rico.

Here’s what happened last year...

As for the next M3 Summit... you’ll just have to wait to see what’s in store for you…






IMPORTANT: Please RSVP today as space is limited based on the intimate property we will be using!

WHAT'S INCLUDED: Your Maverick M3 Summit experience will include round-trip charter flights or private van transfers, 4 nights of luxury accommodations, organic farm to table meals, snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, some beer and vino, all activities, Growth Sessions and experiences.

(1 Green Credit + $2250 Supplement)
GUEST RSVP (Application)
Guest Fee: $6,495

Maverick1000. Maverick members are a global network of industry leading entrepreneurs and accomplished business leaders, connecting in bold new ways to challenge and collectively support each other’s growth, engage in reinvigorating experiences and co-create a worldwide multiplier impact. (You can learn more about the group at Maverick1000.com)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the travel dates:
A: Arrive to Nosara, Costa Rica on January 6th
Depart Nosara, Costa Rica on January 10th

Q: Which Airport should I fly into?
A: Either San Jose (SJO) or Liberia (LIR)
Please let us know NO later than December 18th which airport you plan on flying into so we can make private charter arrangements from SJO or private van accommodations from LIR.

Option 1: Private Charter Flight from San Jose (SJO) - 40 min You will need to be at SJO by 2:00pm on January 6th. We are happy to help book accommodation in San Jose on 5th if needed.
Option 2: Private Van Transfer from Liberia (LIR) - 2.5 hours

Option 1: Private Charter Flight from Nosara to San Jose (SJO) at 8:00am or 10:00am. Your flight out of SJO should be after 11:00am.
Option 2: Private Van Transfer to Liberia (LIR) - 2.5 hours

Q: What's Included?
A: Your event registration includes accommodations, airport transfers, 3 days of growth sessions, activities, experiences, meals, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. The only "extras" would be spa services and some alcoholic beverages.

Q: How about airport transfers?
A: Depending on which airport you fly into, we either have a private chartered flight to Nosara or a private van transfer to Nosara.

Q: What should I bring?
A: Don't worry, we will be sending you a Pre-Event Guide a few weeks before the trip with a detailed packing list!

Q: Can I come early? Extend my trip?
A: Just reach out to our team (events@maverickdna.com) with your specific request and we will help you out!